About Us

STA Agents is a part of STA Travel; a global travel specialist with 30 years’ experience advising young people on holidays and adventures abroad.

We offer a unique range of flights, accommodation, tours and expeditions in 90 countries and send over 6 million passengers away each year.

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About STA

Who we are - our beliefs

STA Travel’s core purpose is to make travel affordable and attainable. We have great deals for everyone, and are able to provide particularly low fares to students and people under 26.

We offer much more than just a cheap airfare. We offer real value with the flexibility and features our travellers want.

Our story

STA Travel is the world’s largest travel company offering products that cater specifically to the needs of students and young people. With branches all around the world and Travel Help assistance in over 50 countries, we help you get your clients started on the trip of a lifetime, and stay with them all the way.

Our beginnings however, were much more humble...

In the early 1970’s it became evident to a savvy group of Australians that a number of their country’s young people were traveling to Europe using various forms of transportation. Although European students were known to travel extensively to nearby destinations, a new dimension of long haul travel was introduced by Australian youth and it spread rapidly to students on all continents.

Just about the same time, the Student Air Transport Association (SATA) created a student ticket initially used for charter flights. During this time chartering was recognized as a separate form of leisure travel many years in advance of the mainstream market, providing a flexible and affordable alternative to scheduled air travel. Armed with this unique ticket, the Australians began their new travel business, which over the years has evolved into an international company, STA Travel. Although the days of student charters are long gone, we still produce the STA Travel Student Ticket using the standards agreed upon between SATA and IATA years ago. This ticket remains a primary vehicle for specially negotiated student fares, even with the increase in student ARC contracts.

Over the past 40 years, STA Travel has continued to grow due to a solid business practice, committed sales teams, and excellent travel products geared to a unique niche... the student and youth traveler.

In 1983, STA Travel began opening offices in North America. Our North American division is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the STA Travel Group, which is based in London.

You may be familiar with our wholesale unit, STA Agents, which (since 1995) has allowed you, the travel agent, the ability to offer many of our products to your student, youth, and teacher clients. We offer net pricing which gives you the ability to control YOUR earnings and we now have an expanded product line, and an improved web site and booking engine. We hope you will find this site to be educational, user-friendly, and helpful in providing a wide range of travel products to your student, youth, and teacher clients.

The head of the family

STA Travel is owned by Diethelm Keller Ltd a Swiss, 4th generation private trading company based in Zurich. Diethelm Keller Ltd is a family business that has a successful history spanning over 100 years.

Our credentials

STA Travel is registered to sell travel in California and is a member of the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). We hold International Air Travel Association (IATA) accreditation and are a member of the Student Air Travel Association (SATA).

We are also the sole issuing authority for the International Student and Teacher Identity Cards.

  • California registration number: 1017560-40
  • ARC number: 03856716

If you are a U.S. based Travel Agent, please feel free to contact us at: